Keynote Speakers

Volker Gruhn

Title: Tamed Agility in Developing Mobile Business Systems

Abstract: Mobile systems are determined by requirements which tend to change over time. Agile approaches seem to address this, but fail to provide reliable project plans, budget estimations and capacity forecasts. Thus, enterprise mobile applications demand for tamed agility, reconciling advantages of agile development and plan-driven approaches. In this talk, this tradeoff is addressed. The Interaction Room method is introduced as a low-tech method to support value oriented development of mobile applications.


Volker Gruhn holds the chair for Software Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen. His research interests in this field of investigation are mobile applications and software processes. Before that he held the chair for Applied Telematics and e-Business at the Computer Science Department of University of Leipzig. His research interests were software architectures, mobile applications, and distributed software processes. An application focus was on point-of-sale systems and always online solutions for mobile systems. He received a diploma degree (1987) and a PhD (1991) both in computer science from the University of Dortmund. Volker Gruhn is author and co-author of about 250 national and international journal and conference articles. He founded the consulting company adesso in 1997, where currently more than 1000 persons are employed. The main business of adesso is consulting for insurance companies and banks. The subsidiary adesse mobile solutions is a key player in the German software market for mobile software solutions. Volker Gruhn was program chair of the European Software Engineering Conference (in 2001), the German Software Engineering Conference (in 2006) and program co-chair of the International Conference on Software Engineering 2008.





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