Call for Papers

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The International Conference on Mobile Web Information Systems (MobiWIS) aims to advance the state of the art in scientific and practical research on mobile Web and information systems. It provides a forum for researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and the public sector in an effort to disseminate latest research results and to share knowledge and experiences regarding tools, techniques, technologies, models, and methodologies that lead to better information and service provisioning in the mobile Web.

The conference comprises a set of carefully selected tracks that focus on the particular challenges regarding mobile Web Information Systems in research areas such as, among others, Web Engineering, Service-Oriented Computing, Web Search, Data and Knowledge Management, Cloud Computing, Security and Human-Computer Interaction.

Conference Tracks
  • Mobile Web and social applications
  • Middleware/SOA for mobile Web information systems
  • Mobile Web searching
  • Context- and location-aware services
  • Data management in the mobile Web
  • Mobile cloud services
  • Mobile Internet of Things
  • Mobile Web security, trust and privacy
  • Mobile networks, protocols and applications
  • Mobile commerce and business services
  • Mobile Web for social and economic development
  • HCI in mobile applications
  • Industry track - Mobile Web and Information Systems
  • General - Mobile Web and Information Systems

Mobile Web and social applications - topics of interest:
- Accessing social networks from mobile devices
- Applications of social network analysis
- Architectures of social networks systems
- Design and development of social networks for mobile web
- Implications of social interaction in mobile and online social network
- Information management in social networks
- Mobile communication in social networks
- Principles and theories for social networks
- Social metrics analysis in mobile and online social networks
- System design for social networks
- User behavior modeling and analysis

Middleware/SOA for mobile Web information systems - topics of interest:
- SOA models and architectures
- Reliable and scalable systems networks
- Web services and mobile web
- Semantic web in mobile web information systems
- Service composition and service mashup
- Middleware support for mobile web services
- Search and discovery techniques
- Monitoring of services
- Ontologies in mobile web
- Agents and mobile web services
- Self-* capabilities for SOAs

Mobile Web searching - topics of interest:
- Mobile web search
- Web data processing
- Query processing and optimization for mobile users
- Indexing and query processing for moving objects
- Theoretical foundations of data-intensive mobile cloud computing
- Applications for large-scale mobile ad-hoc social networks
- Mobile Web 2.0
- Mobile social applications and services

Context- and location-aware services - topics of interest:
Topics in Context- and location-aware services will focus on dynamic, emerging distributed systems of people, software services and things, such as machine-to-machine clouds, smart cities, and hybrid systems of human-based and software services.
- Context-aware services in machine-to-machine clouds
- Context models and reasoning techniques in big data analytics
- Context-aware services in smart cities
- Quality of context in dynamic environments
- Context-aware data analytics
- Context- and location-aware techniques for crowdsourcing and cloud services.
- Programming models for context-aware services in the cloud

Data management in the mobile Web - topics of interest:
- Data models and architectures
- Query Processing
- Meta-data design and representation
- Metadata and ontologies
- Data integration
- Mobile Transactions
- Workflow Management
- Adaptation and Personalization
- Context Aware applications
- Data replication and migration in mobile environments
- Reasoning in mobile environments
- Performance and reliability in data management
- Managing pervasive data
- Data mining in mobile web
- Data caching
- Pay as you go data management
- Engineering mobile web
- Semantic web in mobile environments
- Data streaming
- Social networking in mobile environments
- Data quality in mobile environments
- Data cloud for mobile web

Mobile cloud services - topics of interest:
- Cloud services provisioning in mobile web
- Mobile cloud ecosystem and evolution
- Mobile Apps as SaaS (Software as a Service)
- Mobile networks for cloud services
- Business models for cloud services
- Cloud services vs. local mobile services
- Security and privacy in cloud services
- Collaboration in mobile cloud
- Data models for mobile cloud
- Reliability and availability in mobile cloud
- Modelling and evaluation of mobile cloud
- Resource distribution in mobile cloud
- Smart phones in mobile cloud
- Challenges and opportunities
- Management of Mobile Cloud

Mobile Internet of Things - topics of interest:
- Mobile Web and Internet Things
- Things Virtualization
- Things Management
- Network optimization for Internet of Things
- Cloud computing for Internet of Things
- Interaction Models of Things and people
- Architectures for Internet of Things
- Security and privacy for Internet of Things
- Things Mashup
- Things and Internet of People
- Business Models for Internet of things

Mobile Web security, trust and privacy - topics of interest:
- Access Control
- Anonymity
- Authentication
- Data and application security
- Data protection
- Database security and privacy
- Privacy
- Security and trust metrics
- Security and trust policies
- Security, privacy, and trust in cloud environments
- Security, privacy, and trust in data outsourcing
- Security, privacy, and trust in mobile systems
- Security, privacy, and trust in peer-to-peer systems
- Security, privacy, and trust in pervasive/ubiquitous computing
- Security, privacy, and trust in social networks
- Trust management and reputation systems
- Trust models
- Usability and security
- Web Services security

Mobile networks, protocols and applications - topics of interest:
- Cellular and mobile communications
- Mobility protocols
- Mobility modeling and management
- Performance evaluation and analysis
- Delay tolerant networks
- Vehicular Ad-hoc networks (VANET)
- Testing and monitoring of mobile applications
- Fault tolerance and availability of mobile services
- Service level agreements
- Mobile content delivery networks
- Mobile Software Defined Radio
- Cognitive Wireless Networks

Mobile commerce and business services - topics of interest:
- Business models and architectures
- Business process integration and management
- Mobile payment methods
- Mobile advertising and marketing
- M-commerce case studies
- Emerging business models for M-commerce
- Intelligent technologies for M-commerce
- Location-based business models and business services
- Business models based on mobile social networks

HCI in mobile applications - topics of interest:
- HCI Design methods, tools and techniquees for mobile applications
- Evaluation of Mobile applications, devices and services
- Multimodal interaction design and evaluation for mobile devices
- Intelligent and adaptive user interfaces
- Mobile accessibility design and evaluation
- Interaction strategies and methods for mobile context
- Alternative interfaces for mobile devices such as touchscreens
- Ubiquitous HCI; methods, tools and technologies
- Evaluation of Mashup Systems for Mobile Devices
- Mobile applications for non-programmers

Industry track - Mobile Web and Information Systems
- This track invites papers with an industrial application.

General - Mobile Web and Information Systems - topics of interest:
- This track invites papers that fit the general theme of the web and mobile information systems and services.

Submission Instructions

Papers must be in English and must not exceed 15 pages. Papers must be formatted in Springer's LNCS format; see formatting instructions and stylesheets

Papers are submitted as PDF files via the EasyChair conference management system

Submitted research papers may not overlap with papers that have already been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings.


All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. For each accepted paper, at least one author must register for the conference and plan to present the paper. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper for a special issue on Mobile Web Information Systems to be published in the journal Computing, published by Springer.






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